The Parkades are Managed by VINCI Park: 604-684-6634

There are three (3) Parkades on the property, Executive which can be accessed off Kingsway Street; Tower 1, accessed from Kingsway Street or Boundary Road, has four levels of parking (A to D); Tower 2, accessed from Boundary Road, has four levels of parking (P1 to P4).

Both Tower 1 & Tower 2 parkades have elevator service to floors 4, 5, and 6.

Customer parking is provided in Tower 1, levels A & B, as well as surface parking at the back of the Towers. Monthly parking is available to TELUS BCC tenants although there is a waiting list to obtain monthly parking. To arrange for a monthly parking pass and/or be put on the waiting list, please call VINCI Park at 604-684-6634. Limited daily parking is also available on a first come first served basis.

The Parkades (or parts of them) may have to be closed from time to time for preventative maintenance. During 2008 we are installing a new traffic membrane in Tower 2 Parkade and are using 135 parking stalls as the working base for this re-coating. It is anticipated the membrane installation will be complete by September 2008, when we will begin work on replacing post tension strands in the Tower 2 Parkade. We will continue to maintain the 135 stall working base as the work moves throughout the 4 levels of parking. It is anticipated this work will be completed in the fall of 2009.

Work on replacing the traffic deck coating & membrane will begin in the Tower 1 Parkade once all work in Tower 2 is complete, with an anticipated completion time of early 2010.

Please note that propane vehicles, truck trailers, or vehicles over 6ft 10ins high are not allowed in the Parkades.

Motorcycle parking is available on a monthly basis only through VINCI Park (604-684-6634) who will register the vehicle make, model and licence plate number to allow you to park in a motorcycle space. Motorcycles parked without being registered will be ticketed and towed.

If your parking decal is lost, phone VINCI Park immediately to prevent being ticketed for unauthorized parking.

Handicap parking is available in Tower 1, Level A.

The secured bicycle cage, racks and lockers are located in Tower 1 Parkade, level B at the vehicle entrance to the Parkade. The bicycle racks are for use by building tenants on a first come first served basis for daily and/or short term use only. Please use the designated bike parking area only or your bicycle will be removed. Bicycles are not permitted in the TELUS Brian Canfield Center common areas or elevators, and for your safety, roller blades or skateboards may not be worn inside the building.