Building Information

Administration and Operations

4th Floor, 411 - 1st Street SE
T2G 4Y5
Property Manager
Carmel Smetschka 403-662-8001
Vice President Western Region
Marjorie Cone 403-817-6625
Operations Supervisor
Jon Cromwell 403-662-8000 EXT. 83
Property Assistant
Kim Dennison 403-662-8009
Security Manager
Mark Lucas 403-662-8005
Tenant Services
Building Security
Security Office (24 hours) 403-662-8004

Building Hours

Monday - Friday 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (card access to enter after hours)
Saturday, Sunday and Statutory Holidays (card access ONLY)

Card Access

Tenants have their own card access systems and/or keys to their leased space. Access to the building is controlled via Card Accesss for F1RST TOWER employees and FOB Access for all other building employees. If you require access to the building after hours, your manager needs to request a FOB from the H&R Security Manager at 403-662-8005. There is a cost of $20 per FOB, of which $10 is refunded if the FOB is returned in good condition.


F1RST TOWER is a Smoke-Free Work Environment

We appreciate your support in advising smokers in your company that smoking is only permitted on the second floor smoking patio (open during regular business hours) and 8 meters away from the building entrances.

Electronic smoking products are treated the same as tobacco containing products


The Parkade is Managed by VINCI Park: 403-296-1820

There are three levels of underground parking in F1RST TOWER. You can access the Parkade from 5th Avenue, between Centre Street and First Street SE. Parkade elevators service all levels of the Parkade and bring passengers to the main floor or the +15 level.

Your lease may include some parking spaces. Additionally there is limited monthly parking available to F1RST TOWER tenants, although currently there is a waiting list to obtain monthly parking. To arrange for a monthly parking pass or be put on the waiting list please call VINCI Park at 403-296-1820. Limited daily parking is also available on a first come first served basis.

The Parkade (or parts of it) may have to be closed from time to time for preventative maintenance; however, we attempt to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible.

Please note that propane vehicles, truck trailers, or vehicles over 610 feet high are not allowed in the Parkade.

Motorcycle and scooter parking is available on a monthly basis only.

If you wish to park your motorcycle/scooter in the parkade you need to contact VINCI Park at 403-296-1820 to register as a monthly parker. The cost for parking a motorcycle or scooter is $125 month plus GST (subject to change).

You will not be given an access card but your vehicle make, model and licence plate number will be on record to allow you to park in a motorcycle stall.

If you are already a monthly parker and will be driving your motorcycle/scooter to work instead of your vehicle you still need to register it with VINCI Park.

Motorcycles and scooters parked without being registered will be ticketed and towed.

If your parking access card is lost or stolen phone VINCI Park immediately so we can prevent unauthorized access to the Parkade and offices. There is a replacement charge for a lost or damaged card.

Handicap parking is available on level P1. Electric push buttons on the doors to the shuttle elevators provide barrier free access.

Bicycle parking is available on level P2 of the Parkade to registered users working in F1RST TOWER. Please refer to the Bicycle Parking Agreement for complete registration procedures, rules and regulations. Registration forms are also available from the Front Security Desk.

Please note bicycles are not permitted in F1RST TOWER common areas or elevators and, for your safety, roller blades may not be worn inside the building.

There are change rooms, washrooms and showers available to the building tenants on level P1 of the Parkade at no cost. We have keypad codes on the doors to ensure non-building parkers do not have access. Please contact the front Security Desk with proof of working in F1RST TOWER to obtain the access code for your gender.

Lockers are available for day use within the P1 change rooms. In order to utilize a locker on a permanent basis, please register with the Security Manager at the front Security Desk with your information including; name, employer and phone#.

Locks left on 'day use only' and unassigned lockers overnight will be cut off and the contents removed to a holding container for a period of 30 days. After 30 days the contents will be disposed of.

Mobility Reduced Access

Barrier-free access is provided by electric push buttons at the south entrance of F1RST TOWER. The building can also be accessed via the +15 system. Please ensure a Handibus pick-up or drop-off is arranged for Fifth Avenue only.

Elevators provide wheelchair access to Retail and office levels throughout the tower, including the Parkade.


Pets are not allowed in F1RST TOWER. This rule is in place for the increased comfort of all building tenants as it relates to allergies, hygiene, housekeeping and safety liabilities. Customers and employees entering the building with animals will be asked by Building Security to remove their pet from the building immediately.

Service animals are not pets and are therefore allowed in the building. Service animals perform some of the functions and tasks that individuals with disabilities cannot perform themselves. These animals are specifically trained to provide assistance to persons with mobility, visual, hearing, or other special needs.

We will not ask a person to remove their service animal from the premises unless:


H&R allows interior office plants within Tenant leased space, however, all plants must be maintained by a Professional Plant Maintenance Company. This policy is in place to ensure the plants and building are kept free from plant disease, mold and pest infestation.