Electrical Systems and Safety

Electrical System

The electricity provided to your office is generally very clean. However, we cannot suppress spikes and other power deviations which are occasionally delivered to the tower by the local grid. If you have sensitive computer or other electronic equipment, we recommend that you invest in electrical protection devices.

Electrical Safety

Safety is always a major concern for property owners and managers. As well as applying common sense and good practice precautions there are a number of regulations and codes which help ensure the safety of the three thousand people who work in F1RST TOWER on a regular basis.

One of these electrical codes requires that certain appliances must have dedicated circuits, to prevent the potential for overloading and fires. Kitchen areas in the tower are fitted with these circuits to enable tenants to plug in toasters, fridges, microwaves, coffee makers and kettles. None of these appliances are to be used outside of the kitchen areas such as in cubicles or offices.

Another group of appliances, which need special circuits, are space/electric heaters, humidifiers and fish tanks. No provision is made for these in the tower so they may not be used.

Appliance Policy

H&R, TELUS Real Estate and TELUS Health & Safety Committee have reviewed the existing TELUS Policy for appliance usage within TELUS buildings. The complete policy can be found in the TELUS intranet, under myHR - Appliance Policy for Office / Administrative Buildings.

Further to the TELUS Appliance Policy as well as H&R's Building Policy, the following appliances are allowed in recognized kitchen areas only, and not allowed within individuals' cubicles, offices or makeshift common areas:

Our objectives include; reducing the likelihood of a fire occurring, eliminating unnecessary emergency evacuations, reducing the occurrence of tripped breakers due to electrical overload, and enhancing the safety of all tenants within F1RST TOWER.