We are committed to keeping your building and office premises clean. We have over thirty people working daily to keep it clean. If you see anything that needs attention please help us by calling Tenant Services with details of the problem.

Also please tell us about any area that has not been cleaned to your satisfaction and we will see that the situation is corrected immediately.

Main floor lobbies and public areas are cleaned regularly during and after business hours. Your offices and floor common areas are usually cleaned after normal business hours. Washrooms are cleaned after business hours but they are also cleaned and restocked once during normal hours. The routine schedule for cleaning your floor is Monday through Friday and will be dependant upon the schedule established by your company's lease agreement.

If you would like a detailed cleaning schedule for your premises, or if you require a special service such as dishwashing or a different cleaning frequency, contact Tenant Services. Our cleaning contractor would be more than happy to accommodate you and can supply a quote for your particular needs. If you have a complaint about a specific or recurring cleaning problem, please call Tenant Services.


We maintain the blinds on your external windows. If you would like customized cleaning services for these blinds, please contact Tenant Services. Our contractor will be glad to design a cleaning program for your unique needs.

If your blinds are not working properly, give Tenant Services a call. We will arrange for your blinds to be repaired or replaced as needed. Costs for this service will be charged back to the requesting Tenant. In order to minimize your company's repair costs, please take care when opening and closing your vertical blinds. Before drawing vanes "across" the window with the cord, make sure that the vanes are first rotated "open" with the chain. NOTE: the chain rotates the vanes and the cord moves the vanes across the window.

Window Washing

The tower exterior windows are washed twice a year and interior perimeter windows are washed once a year. We will send you a written notice before your inside perimeter windows are to be washed. Please move all objects away from the windows so they are easily accessible for cleaning.

Our commercial grade double paned windows are constructed with a reflective gold tint on the outer pane and a clear inner pane. Writing on or covering any part of the interior pane of glass (paper, photographs, markers, etc.) increases the amount of heat that is trapped between the panes. This can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the sealed unit and voids our window warranty. Therefore we do not allow the windows to be covered with anything against the glass.


Even though we keep a full inventory on hand and regularly check that washrooms are adequately stocked, we cannot always predict need. If you see a washroom in need of supplies or cleaning, call Tenant Services and we will remedy the situation immediately.