Air Conditioning/Air Circulation/Heating

Our air conditioning, heating and circulation systems provide continuous fresh air changes and allow a flexible temperature-controlled environment. High efficiency filters throughout the building ensure that air is clean.

All mechanical systems at F1RST TOWER are monitored by a computer system programmed to provide optimum comfort and significant energy savings. You can help keep your office temperature consistent and utility costs down by leaving your perimeter window blinds in the closed position.

We provide air conditioning and circulation Monday to Friday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM. To receive service after these hours, contact Tenant Services during regular business hours. The current cost for after hours HVAC is approximately $23.16 per hour per floor. We will require a list of individuals within your company who are authorized to request after-hours service. TELUS employees must obtain prior approval from TELUS Real Estate by submitting a TELUS After Hours HVAC & Lighting Request Form. The other building tenants may submit the HVAC Request Form to the Property Manager.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with your local temperature, please contact Tenant Services and we will dispatch an Operator to investigate the situation.

Some areas of the building have been modified from the original design altering the air flow patterns. Where this has occurred, finding a solution to a temperature problem may take a little longer, particularly if it involves modifying the system.