Life Safety

Life Safety Systems - An Overview

F1RST TOWER has two stairwells and fully sprinklered office space, providing all building occupants with protection during an emergency.

The life safety systems:

  1. A trained Security Officer monitors the central Fire Alarm System on the main floor twenty-four hours a day.
  2. There is a complete sprinkler system for each floor.
  3. Smoke detectors on each floor, which, when activated, will register on the central alarm panel.
  4. A public address system with speakers located throughout each floor.
  5. Pull stations on each floor.
  6. A fire phone to the main floor fire control centre on each floor.
  7. Fire extinguishers on each floor.
  8. A Fire Warden system, for which we will require your participation.
  9. The capability of bringing all elevators to ground level.
  10. Two separate emergency stairwells that run throughout the entire height of the building.
  11. Emergency lighting throughout each floor and in both stairwells.
  12. Exit signs throughout each floor indicating evacuation routes.
  13. Flashing strobe lights visible throughout the floor.
  14. Clearly marked cross over floors to aid in evacuation should an emergency occur. When the fire alarm system is activated, floors 2, 6, 8, 13, 18, 22, 25 become cross over floors. These floors are accessible from both stairwells, and provide a protected route between the two separate stairwells.

Power Failure

F1RST TOWER is equipped with one base building diesel generator, which, in the event of a power failure, will automatically supply electrical power to the life safety systems. Power will be supplied to emergency elevators, the fire pumps, emergency lighting and the public address system.

You will be advised, by way of the public address system, on the expected duration of the power outage as soon as this information is available from the City of Calgary.

Emergency Contacts

In order that we may keep our customers informed of any emergency situation that may arise in the building, no matter the time of day, we keep a list of Emergency/After-Hours Contacts in each organization. This is updated regularly, but please call the Security Manager at 403-662-8005 to let us know of any changes in between.

Elevator Emergency

Elevators are one of the safest modes of transportation. However, on rare occasions, elevators may malfunction. If a malfunction should occur and you are trapped in an elevator, remain calm you are not in danger. Proceed as follows:

  1. Push the Talk Button. This initiates contact with the Security Desk. Identify yourself, give floor level if possible and identify the elevator you are in by reading the number above the intercom system.
  2. Do not try to force open the elevator doors.
  3. Security will immediately call our elevator maintenance company who will respond immediately and will proceed with assisting any passengers.
  4. Security will maintain contact and will keep you informed of what is happening.

Fire Alarm and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

H&R Property Management Ltd would like to ensure that your safety is complete. The building's life safety systems will protect you in case of an emergency, but we also require the assistance of each customer and occupant in the building. Before there is an emergency, make yourself aware of all emergency exits, fire phones, pull stations and fire extinguishers.

There is a two-stage fire alarm warning system:


An alert alarm tone at 20 strokes per minute through the voice communication system. (This alarm alerts Security to a problem and locates it on the monitor panel at the central security office.)
Security will use the public address system to advise you of further action, if any.


Three rapid bell sounds followed by a pause will sound through the voice communication system. As well visible flashing lights emitted from the visual notification appliances (flashing strobe lights).
THIS IS THE GENERAL ALARM AND REQUIRES PROMPT EVACUATION. Security will notify you over the public address system of exactly what to do. Walk, do not run, to the nearest emergency exit and wait for instructions from your Fire Warden.

Points to remember during an emergency:

Alternate stairwells are to be used in the event that one stairwell becomes contaminated with smoke or for use when movement has slowed appreciably.

Fire Warden System

As a required safety precaution, each floor should have two (2) Fire Wardens and four (4) Assistant Fire Wardens. In the case of a multi-Tenant floor, each company has one (1) Fire Warden and one (1) Assistant Fire Warden. All wardens are appointed by their respective companies.

Fire Wardens and Assistants must know the following:

Mobility-Reduced Occupants Evacuation Procedures

A mobility-redeuced person is defined as anyone who requires assistance down the stairwells. This may be of a permanent or temporary nature. Examples of mobility-reduced conditions are: heart condition, broken leg, pregnancy, and non-ambulatory etc.

All mobility-impaired occupants of F1RST TOWER and the Fire Wardens should: