The normal hours for full tower lighting is generally from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM but this may vary according to schedules that have been set up with tenants. If you are working late and the lights go out you will need to find the correct zone switch for the area you are working in. Take a moment during the day to find out where your zone switch is located.

When you need a burned out ceiling light tube to be replaced just phone Tenant Services and we will arrange to have the light replaced. We have a selection of standard light tubes available and staff ready to replace them. You can help us get to your location faster by giving the room number/area when you make the call. Light tubes are normally replaced within 24 hours of receiving the call, ballasts are done once a week If you need more immediate service or have specialty light requirements, let us know.

Base building ceiling light replacement (fluorescent T12 and T8 tubes) are included in your opertating costs. Speciality lighting replacement (Halogen, T5, full spectrum, furniture and wall lighting) is charged back as a direct cost.

Speciality ceiling lighting must be requested at the Manager Level or higher and approved by H&R.The ceiling area must be away from the perimeter windows so the different lighting is not noticeable from outside the building at night.


If you have a problem with base building plumbing in your premises, please call Tenant Services. We have qualified people on staff, who can help. Also, please call us if you notice a leak or plumbing problem in a washroom or other common area of the building.