Major and Minor Works

Moving Furniture

If you are installing or removing furniture please remember that all moves, large or small, must come through the Loading Dock. See Loading Dock section for further information.


For minor renovations contact the Property Manager at 403-662-8001, who will go through the correct procedure with you. Details are in your signed lease agreement, Guidelines for Tenant's Construction.

Base Building Fiber Optics Backbone

H&R has installed a single and multi mode fiber optics backbone providing data and communications infrastructure for the building. Access to the Riser Room Systems is secured and controlled by our telecommunications partners. If you require any new installations or are updating your current systems please call the Property Manager at 403-662-8001 to arrange for work to be completed.

Work Authorization Permits

Work Authorization Permits are used to authorize work and allow contractor(s) access to your premises. These are needed for any external contractors including photographers, carpet layers and equipment maintenance technicians who are working in your offices. Annual Permits are available for ongoing contracts.

You and your contractor must complete a Work Authorization Permit, prior to commencing any work in F1RST TOWER. As an added security feature, our Security Officers will not permit access or allow work to proceed unless a signed and approved Work Authorization permit is on file at the Security Desk.

Blank Work Authorization Permit forms can be obtained from the Front Security Desk or the H&R office. Please contact Property Mananger at 403 662 8001 or email if you have any questions about the Work Authorization Permit requirements.