Building Processes


All deliveries at THE BOW must come through the loading dock unless specific permission has been given by H&R to use an alternative route. To avoid congestion and inconvenience to other tenants and contractors, large deliveries may need to be scheduled to arrive out of business hours.

Normally deliveries will be moved into the tower by staff or contractors based in THE BOW. If the external delivery people are required to take the goods into the tower or to install equipment etc, they must have a valid work permit.

Mail and Packages

Incoming mail will be delivered to designated mail points by the delivery services department operated by Novitex.

Catering and Food Deliveries

All food deliveries into the tower are handled by the delivery services department through the dock. Food deliveries cannot be accepted in the lobby or taken by delivery people into the tower. Catering staff must be notified of all incoming deliveries so that arrangements can be made for delivery to the appropriate room within the tower at the required time. Delivey staff have access to the specialized equipment to keep and move the food to its destination at the correct temperature.

To order food or notify delivery staff of incoming orders use the links on your company website or phone 403 817 6648.

Planned After Hours Catering and Food Deliveries

For after hour events the food will be ordered in the normal way through the on line catering pages. A minimum of 24 hours' notice is required. After 5.30 pm an additional charge for delivery staff will be added. This will be a minimum of three hours staff costs. Room clear up will be undertaken if required.

Tenants may elect to collect the food from the caterers in the lobby instead of having in-house staff deliver it. In this case the food will be delivered to the dock from where the external delivery staff will be escorted to the main floor to be met by the individual placing the order. The contact details of the person placing the order must be forwarded to the dock staff so they can be alerted when the food arrives. Room clear up will need to be undertaken by the tenants.

Last Minute After Hours Catering and Food Deliveries

The tenant has two choices for obtaining last minute after hours catering:

Room clear up will need to be undertaken by the tenants.

Moving Materials


In this document the term 'cart' is used to describe any wheeled devise used to move items around.

Pallet jacks may only be used outside business hours. H&R must approve the use of palette jacks due to the varying floor surfaces in the building which can be damaged by their use.

Freight Elevators

All goods being moved onto and around THE BOW retail or office floors are to be moved using one of the three freight elevators. This includes food, equipment, deliveries, furniture and any other item that cannot be carried easily by hand. Anyone wishing to move large, heavy or tall loads should contact the Dock Master on 403 817 6638 well in advance of the move.

Should one or more elevators be out of service for an extended period of time, H&R may give permission to utilize passenger elevators for some deliveries. In this situation there will be strict control of the type of carts that may be used.

Health Safety

Everyone using a cart within THE BOW must remain conscious, at all times, of their surroundings including the people around them. Many of the walls and doors in the tower have glass or special finishes which can easily be damaged by carts or the load being moved.

When an elevator or corridor is busy please wait until it is safe to move without causing inconvenience to tenants or damage to surfaces.

If you are moving larger or awkward loads where control of a cart may be difficult or visibility restricted a second person must accompany the load to act as a spotter and to assist with control when needed.


Carts used above grade must be designed to avoid damage to surfaces in the case of accidental contact or repeated use.

If you are unsure whether a particular type of cart is acceptable please contact H&R REIT - MSLP on 403 237 6922 or

Work Permits

In order to help ensure the security of the tower, reduce liability and to meet its contractual obligations to its tenants, H&R operates a system of Work Authorization Permits (WAP) for companies and individuals who need to work in, but are not directly employed by companies and organizations resident in the buildings. Temporary or contract staff are considered employees for this purpose.