Heating and Ventilation

Most of the offices and work spaces in the tower have individual thermostats as well as floor vents which can be used to regulate temperature and air flow.

For safety and comfort, vents on the floor near external windows should not be covered. The external blinds are designed to reduce solar heating and should be utlizied on sunny days.

In offices with opening windows to the atrium the blinds must be raised before the window is opened. If this is not done, the difference in air pressure may suck in the blind and result in damage to it.

While construction and commissioning of heating and cooling systems continue in the tower some offices may experience temperature issues. The H&R operations team will work in collaboration with the appropriate engineers and external contractors to recify any issues as soon as possble.

Employees of the major tenants should submit details of issues with the temperature and airflow in their spaces, through their respective company service teams. Retail tenants should contact H&R on 403 237 6922 or bowservice@hrproperties.ca.

HVAC Outside Business Hours

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is normally provided Monday through Friday, from 6am to 6pm. Requests for occasional or long term HVAC outside these hours should be made through your company's service desk giving a minimum of 48 business hour’s notice.

In special situations, such as the activation of an emergency control room, and when the service desk is not manned, requests should be made to THE BOW Security Command Centre at 403 817 6630.

Groups organizing special events outside normal hours should complete a 'Special Events Notification Form', copies of which are available from your company's service desk. Please provide as much notification as possible.