Waste Management

Introduction to Waste Reduction

Recycling has become a national habit, a daily ritual practiced by over 100 million people every day. Yet recycling alone will not end our dependency on landfills, nor reverse the rapid depletion of our natural resources. As world population and consumption continue to rise, it is clear that our one-way system of extracting virgin resources to make packaging and products that will later be buried is not sustainable.

WASTE DIVERSION is a new way of looking at our waste stream. Instead of seeing used materials as garbage in need of disposal, discards are seen as valuable resources. A pile of trash represents jobs, financial opportunity, and raw materials for new products.

H & R REIT MSLP, working with its waste management contractor Wasteless Environmental, is taking a proactive approach to the WASTE REDUCTION Challenge & Sustainability that will make THE BOW one of the first Buildings in Calgary approaching ZEROWASTE. The objective is to eliminate solid waste from our facilities waste stream and in turn assist with sustaining our resources and environment for the future.

To accommodate, our new WASTE REDUCTION programs, service containers for the waste streams will be identified as below.

Recovery Material Categories

  1. Recyclables - Paper; Newsprint; Magazines; Flyers/Junk Mail; Plastics (#'s 1 - 7); Coffee cups/plastic lids/sleeves; Glass bottles; Tin cans; Plastic bags; Shrink wrap; Cardboard; Beverage containers.
  2. Organics - Food waste (meat, poultry, fish, produce, etc.); Soiled paper/cardboard (waxed or not); Coffee/tea grounds; Non- toxic liquids; Plants & flowers; Biodegradable substitutes for plastics; Fruits; All Vegetables; Cellophane; Greasy food stained boxes.
  3. Non-Recyclables - Any material that cannot be recycled - Styrofoam - Plastic other than #1-7; Facial tissue; Rubber Bands.
  4. Refundable Beverage Containers - All Plastic/Glass Bottles, Cartons & Cans with deposit

Waste will be collected and removed by the cleaning staff.

We expect that item 1 will be collected at selected points in the office areas and that items 1 through 4 will be collected in the kitchens. The exact location of receptacles will be determined by the tenants' needs and wishes.

THE BOW also has facilities for recycling electronic waste, pallets, cardboard, batteries and cell phones all of which are available for tenants to use. To use these services, or to dispose of larger items major tenants should contact your in-house tenant services retail tenants should contact H&R's Service desk at 403 237 6922.

Rethinking How We Do Business

At H & R REIT MSLP, we are making every effort to make meaningful changes on how we operate our business in an effort to reduce our ecological footprint. We are actively doing this not only in our own offices, but in the services we provide to our tenants which directly influences how your business is carried out.

We encourage our food court tenants and catering suppliers to develop their own strategies to help minimize waste, energy or raw materials to give your business a competitive advantage through eco-efficiency.

Wasteless Environmental can also assist with identifying further steps to reduce waste in the offices, for example switching from plastic stir sticks to wooden stir sticks (which are compostable). Incorporating these and similar actions will help ensure we all enjoy an environmentally sound and economically prosperous future.